The Discovery Space Approach

Discovery Space, is in line with the general priority of the Erasmus+ Programme: “Supporting high quality and inclusive digital education, in line with the Digital Education Action Plan: Artificial Intelligence in Education”, and has the following objectives:

● to design and deliver the Discovery Space Innovation Model and the Roadmapping documentation describing the process for the effective integration of AI in the Deeper Learning Classroom. The consortium will implement a foresight process to understand, through consecutive cycles of reflection, what the school and university labs might look like in the next 10-15 years, taking as a focus not “the future” in its entirety, but specifically the intersection between educational needs and technological evolutions.

● to select, develop and provide the technical components, tools and services needed to orchestrate the pedagogical scenarios in the Discovery Space classroom. The project will design an Exploratory Learning Environment to facilitate students’ inquiry and problem-solving skills while they are working with virtual and remote labs. This environment will be enabled with an AI-driven lifelong learning companion to provide the necessary support and guidance to the students and with VR and AR interfaces to enhance the learning experience, to facilitate collaboration, modelling and problem solving.

● to design a number of scenarios through the use of the adopted technologies in real-life classrooms in both schools and university labs. The designed scenarios will be tested in real-life classrooms, and consequently revisited and finalized as “Plausible scenarios of the STEM classroom of the future” in the light of the findings from the field, and through consultation with the stakeholders in the context of reflection workshops.

● to build a group of teachers – change leaders who are future literate and who will share leading practices and influence policy development. Teachers with specific change management competencies are required to operate successfully as change agents in the pilot sites to facilitate the implementation of the Discovery Space scenarios.

● to define specific measures that will support the communication, dissemination and exploitation of project results and contribute to their sustainability through effective networking and communication.