Discovery Space Project's Expected Impact

Discovery Space integrates significant feedback loops with the educational community and policymakers that may help in developing suggestions and recommendations towards the effective integration of AI in educational practice.

Discovery Space team has performed an extended study of the field and has a clear and specific proposal on how these technologies could provide solutions to long-lasting problems in education, at school and at university level. In cooperation with key technological partners, valorising on the results of major research that took place the last 10 years in the framework of major initiatives and large stakeholders’ communities, the project team believes that will maximize the uptake of group-sensitive recommendations in educational policy.

The project will perform analyses of political and financial trade-offs associated with STEM education reforms and ICT-related initiatives in the participating countries and will explore potential business models reflecting also on contextualchanges needed to implement such interventions in the different Member States involved.

To meet its goals and to achieve significant impact, the project focuses on the development and implementation of an Exploratory Learning Environment that will support educational systems to move to truly student-centred learning approaches and that will allow students to not only develop academic mind-set but also their intellectual and motivational abilities.

The project will follow a clear progression pathway which involves different orders of impact, starting from increasing the critical understanding of the potential barriers, accessibility and ethical issues and risks of using emerging technologies for teaching and learning going all the way to offering a complete Innovation Model which will form the pathway towards impact and will encompass all the necessary elements to mainstream the integration of emerging technologies in education.