Discovery Space Project’s Expected Results

The Discovery Space consortium will pursue the development of a roadmap for the AI-Enhanced Classroom for Deeper Learning in STEM that facilitates the transformation of the traditional classroom to an innovative environment that promotes scientific exploration and supports the development of key skills for all students. To achieve that the consortium will:

● Set-up a foresight exercise to increase the shared critical understanding of the potential, opportunities, barriers, accessibility issues and risks of using emerging technologies (AI-enabled assessment systems combined with AR and VR interfaces) for STEM teaching and learning, considering at the same time a framework (the Discovery Space Innovation Model) for the sustainable digitisation of education and learning in the future,

● Provide research evidence on the adaptation and mainstreaming of the use of digitally enhanced inquiry-based approaches, in order to augment and extend learning, while also maintaining its human dimension and social relevance,

● Provide good practices in the form of scenarios on equipping teachers, trainers, and learners with the skills necessary for the use of technology in creative, critical, competent and inclusive ways,

● Develop an innovative adequate teacher training in relation with the educational practices in the AI-Enhanced Classroom for Deeper Learning in STEM.

● Design an Exploratory Learning Environment, the Discovery Space. This environment will be enabled with AI-driven lifelong learning companions to provide the necessary support and guidance to the students and with VR and AR interfaces to enhance the learning experience, to facilitate collaboration, modelling and problem solving.