Discovery’s Space Kick off meeting was more than a promising start

STEM learning has always been a challenging area for students due to its abstract nature and complexity. However, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in STEM learning has opened up new avenues for effective and interactive learning. Having this in mind, and aiming to enhance the STEM learning experience for students through AI, the Discovery Space team members kicked off the project in Parsberg, Germany, during a fruitful 3-day meeting (January 11th – 13th , 2023).

A promising start to an exciting journey

The meeting was attended by our team of AI experts, educationists, and STEM subject matter experts. The primary agenda of the meeting was to discuss the scope and objectives of the project, identify potential challenges, and develop an action plan to achieve key milestones for the next six months. The consortium among others, elaborated on:

·         The initial ideas for the Discovery Space Training Programme and the community of users

·         The technological components of the project

·         AI tools and applications in education

·         The Discovery Space Innovation Model

The meeting also provided an opportunity to brainstorm ideas on the potential impact of the project. The team identified that the project would benefit not only the students but also the teachers by providing them with tools to enhance their teaching methodologies. It was also noted that the project could potentially contribute to improving the overall performance of students in STEM subjects.