Unveiling the Future of STEM Education: Discovery Space Project Presentation in Uruguay

At the forefront of educational innovation, Discovery Space had the honor of being presented by Mr. Unai Hernandez Jayo, a valued partner from the University of Deusto at the event ‘Innovaciones para la enseñanza de las ciencias naturales mediados por tecnologías digitales’ (Innovations for Teaching Natural Sciences Mediated by Digital Technologies), held on November 23rd at CeRP Suroeste Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay.

In his engaging presentation titled ‘DSPACE: Integración de tecnologías de realidad virtual, aumentada e inteligencia artificial en Laboratorio remotos’ (DSPACE: Integration of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence in Remote Laboratories)’, Mr. Unai Hernandez Jayo shared the Discovery Space project’s ambitious roadmap. The core focus is on creating an AI-Enhanced Classroom for Deeper Learning in STEM, aiming to revolutionise traditional learning environments into innovative spaces that foster scientific exploration and nurture essential skills among all students.